Sunday, April 15, 2012

Using Video Self-Modeling to Teach a Student with Autism to Walk in Line

One of my previous posts explained the value of using video self-modeling with students with ASD.  I would like to share an example of a video self-model that was created by one of my graduate students, Jennifer Rodecki, during her action research project.  The student targeted in this video had trouble walking in line with the rest of the class during transitions.  Jennifer created a modified social story to teach the student the expectations of walking in line and showed the video self-model at the conclusion of the social story.  With the modified social story and the video self-modeling intervention, he was able to learn to walk in line independently rather quickly.  This is a powerful intervention package to address performance deficits and skill acquisition for many individuals with ASD, regardless of their age and severity of impairment. Click on the video below to see the video self-model that Jennifer created for her student:

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